Great Genetic Results for Years 2015-2016 Niue Whale Research Project

Niue's first genetic match to New Caledonia. Total 13 skin samples collected revealed 11 unique individuals BUT, one genetic match of an individual female in Niue 2015 to New Caledonia 2012!

Well done team and this was the research with an average two new whales seen on a daily basis in 2015 - a first ever during research. Pretty good off the back of the great community support and volunteer work - less than $3k that one year - grateful for all the abundant in-kind love - especially made possible with all donor boats and Rami in 2015 Magical Niue!

Thanks to the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium for pushing for DNA analysis (not cheap!)- and to quote Olive Andrews (team's mentor and leader for whale research) - "another incredible feat given the size of our genetic catalogue" which is so true given we have less than 130 individuals in our Niue catalogue and we get to showcase such findings - go Niue! Thanks for the added boost of US Embassy and Tofia Niue funds for this especially! Such great voyagers like our ancestors these mighty whales!

They are truly Pacific Islanders - born in the islands and always come back :)..fakaue mo e merci beaucoup!